2017January this year


Adjust! I joined!

Morishita karasuyama support center!

114 Saturday, the karasuyama Kumin Center at party meeting."Adjust"To have participated.

Participants will
Party for 12
Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institute graduate, parent, experts gathered total of 17 ~ 18 persons gathered!

"This became sick," "and the reasonable accommodation? "Peer activities to experience equality" goals don't work! 」
And about talked.

And also want"compulsory people hospitals, not dry.
Say I want social work ordered people who have handy from now on, the natural period is
It was.

Again, area independent Council support for parties more enters should be realized.

Next is 2/18 (Saturday) 13:00-
Karasuyama Kumin Center

New year's greetings

A happy new year!

Thank you again this year.

Karasuyama area disability consultation support center staff