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2018In January 9th. : January open Salon
Started by 2018.

January open salon, 1/12 (Friday) and 26, (Friday) 10 am-12 am.

Your careful because it has changed from Thursday to Friday.

And this year also thank sincerely.

2017年12月28日 : Thank you again for one year thank you very much you were

2017The rest of years only a few.

Over the past year has helped me.

Thanks to the many encounters. Thank you very much.

Next year is opened from the 1/4.

Please thank you.

Center staff

2017年12月18日 : Christmas concert and Symposium
Is concert and symposium held in 12/9.
On the day many people participated. Thank you very much for your help!

We also decorated the karasuyama Kumin Center lobby, made in October, on the day of painting and art works.

2017年11月29日 : 12/9 event
12Notice of (Saturday) concert and Symposium on January 9.

2017年11月29日 : 12Guide-open Salon



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