Introduction to staff

Introduction to staff
For those who do not know where I consult, and trouble and wanted those who have, as well as failure is failure of Setagaya karasuyama area we have many lives in our happy entrance counseling.
I that deinstitutionalization in hope town and finally won us a glass of mochi, and the disabilities never even try life in our troubled and, where so it looks for those who don't know's entrance, we.

センター長・・・岸 本 義 昭 (相談支援専門員)
主 任・・・・・木 村 泰 平 (相談支援員・精神保健福祉士)
相談員・・・・・小 林  傑  (相談支援専門員・社会福祉士)
        久保田 登美子 (相談支援員・精神保健福祉士)
        小 倉 純 代 (相談支援員)