2016August this year

1 regional assistance network seminar

1 regional assistance network seminar was held to

Lecturer, parties and a mother and wife at a "sequilaleco" I came on for the "desire of the parties-to deepen the understanding between husband and wife, and children-" that whats the lecture with the theme. Including the karasuyama district child welfare committees, or their parents or guardians, of the party, had about 50 people or more visitors.
You respond to the questionnaire many thank you very much.

Since the second part is planned also visitors look forward to.

Re: 7/28/2016 18:00
Location: North Crow mountain trash nursery garden
Co-sponsored by: Setagaya-Ku, Fu's) welfare trash
In cooperation with community life support center MOTA
Persons with disabilities consultation Support Center for karasuyama organising Secretariat: