2016September this year


Karasuyama Shrine Festival


It is raining today but karasuyama Shrine Festival was held.

Was carrying in front of the center of fine omicoshi ~!

Went to work after the stalls to buy up to be!

The art experience in pictures and words

Guide to painting and letter art experience 2016

Last year, the picture and letter art experience 2015 by the 1st was held at Showa shinkin karasuyama branch. Regardless of fault, made up in total about 100 people participated the karasuyama area and express itself in painting and calligraphy.
This became a meaningful entertainment for those involved in the support of people with disabilities. Thank you.
In addition, disability discrimination RID law enacted this year, events are held across the country. So we have to be held again this year in the official rules below.
Understanding intent is, as participation in this opportunity thank.

Re: 11/20/2016 (Sunday) 10:00-15:00
Venue: Showa shinkin karasuyama branch 3F happiness Plaza Hall
(Tokyo, Setagaya-Ku, minamikarasuyama 4-12-7)
Description: make up while expressing individuality through the "picture" and "book".
Participation fee: free of charge.
Contact: Setagaya karasuyama area handicapped consultation Center

Announcement of the aromatherapy course

Karasuyama area disability counseling and support centers in the following dates, lecturers we invite Salon will be held!

Body tired, overwrought nerves 和ragemasenn together with Aromatherapy?

You can make your own unique fragrance, one world-

Offers home made aromas!

Instructor: Tamura Maki child
Neal's yard partnership aromatherapist
Neal's yard certified aroma life stylist

Re: 1/2016 10 am-12 pm
Location: karasuyama Kumin Center Green Room 3F
Delegates wishing to book please.?03-6909-1743