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Symposium / barrier-free concert

Event announcements!
2nd regional assistance network seminar / barrier-free concert
Karasuyama area disability counseling and Support Center performs a tie-up and karasuyama hospital, Showa University, events will be held over 2 days!

1Day second regional assistance network seminars & symposiums
"Theme" formal) "from the era of party sovereignty comes into view, and enhancement of community support"
-To establish the flow of living in communities with the cooperation of the medical, social welfare and health care, rights-

Date: 12/9/2016 (Friday)
Time: 18:30~20:00(18:00Registration starts)
Venue: Showa University karasuyama hospital rehabilitation center
Keynote speaker
Instructor: iwakami, Yoichi (identifying non-profit activities support for the President, Representative Director)
Coordinator: Kanagawa, Yosuke (community life support center
Support Center incus PSW)
Panelists: Toshihiko Suzuki (Professor, College of Izumi, Setagaya-Ku, Chairman, independent support)
: Hasegawa Chikusa (Showa University karasuyama hospital mental health and Welfare Office)

2Day second barrier-free concert
< With personality (art) from the free-spirited representation >
One early Christmas barrier free concert. heart of music.

Date: 12/10/2016 (Saturday)
時間:12:30~16:00(12:00Registration starts)
Venue: Showa University karasuyama hospital rehabilitation center

* If you would like to attend please reserve.?03-6909-1743
Barrier-free concert
Performer Artist
Visually impaired handbells (NPO Setagaya sight handicapped Association)
Karasuyama daycare band
Iwasaki Hana NAE
Matsui Sonoko With Smirhythm Friends
(Join the friends of Williams syndrome support NPO Corporation ismailism)
Guest: Music Mail (cameo)
Takada Island, Kaoru (Kaoru たかしまだ)
Create a Xmas number stirring Music Mail Unit Takada Island Kaoru actress former Theatre seasons sing jazz, Latin, musical concert on the day, with everybody together for a fun Xmas concert!
 Application for         
Advance registration has become
For inquiries:
Karasuyama area handicapped consultation Center
Due to venue space is limited, so when applying to consult people in wheelchairs.

Regional Association

Regional Association

Regional discussion held at a place called Mr. House Hill at on the other day, and

It was a community or organization and doing old folk vibe of the Showa era, candy shop, doing dishes and play of the Showa era, community is a gathering place.

The Hill's House made its karasuyama area handicapped consultation Center, regional association.
-Anshin sukoyaka centers
Professor, Nihon University social and welfare
-How to self-advocate
• Parents/guardians meeting
-Non profit organizations
Social Welfare Council
Certified social insurance labor consultant
Mental clinic doctor
And outreach organizations (work, day-care facilities, consultation offices)
-Children's Museum
-Parenting netcodinerter
And, Policy Division, health and Welfare Division
Together more than the "How do I do to make the area more livable? "Such as, while eating, drinking and talked to fill the time.

After the end of...