Karasuyama Forum 2018

4 th Festival from here

The art experience in pictures and words 2018

Christmas concert and Symposium

Is concert and symposium held in 12/9.
On the day many people participated. Thank you very much for your help!

We also decorated the karasuyama Kumin Center lobby, made in October, on the day of painting and art works.

12/9 event

12Notice of (Saturday) concert and Symposium on January 9.

Introduction to events


Introduction to events




4/2 is world autism awareness day!

This is the karasuyama area Center Morishita.

This year, come here4/2 is world autism awareness day.It is!
そして、4/2-4/8 is a developmental disabilities awareness weekIt is!

Awareness raising events will be held throughout the country.

More world autism awareness day website, please!

Following art events will be held in Tokyo! Please join us if you are interested in.

Announcements from the adjust

News from the 'adjust'!

This is the karasuyama area Center Morishita.

Continuing onThe "adjust"And I'm from party announcements!

By adjusting his party will be held.

Re: 2017 3/18 (Saturday) 13:00-15:00
Location: karasuyama Kumin Center 3F meeting room

Those who are interested please join us.
Have any inquiries, please contact the Centre.


Event announcements!

This is the karasuyama area Center Morishita.

今日は、Career transition assistance offices sunlightSent from will be a nice event announcements.

If you are interested, please apply.
Alternatively, please contact our Centre.