Christmas concert and Symposium

Is concert and symposium held in 12/9.
On the day many people participated. Thank you very much for your help!

We also decorated the karasuyama Kumin Center lobby, made in October, on the day of painting and art works.

12/9 event

12Notice of (Saturday) concert and Symposium on January 9.

Introduction to events


Introduction to events



Event information

4/2 is world autism awareness day!

This is the karasuyama area Center Morishita.

This year, come here4/2 is world autism awareness day.です!
And4/2-4/8 is a developmental disabilities awareness weekです!

Awareness raising events will be held throughout the country.

More world autism awareness day website, please!

Following art events will be held in Tokyo! Please join us if you are interested in.

Announcements from the adjust

News from the 'adjust'!

This is the karasuyama area Center Morishita.

Continuing onThe "adjust"And I'm from party announcements!

By adjusting his party will be held.

Re: 2017 3/18 (Saturday) 13:00-15:00
Location: karasuyama Kumin Center 3F meeting room

Those who are interested please join us.
Have any inquiries, please contact the Centre.

Event information

Event announcements!

This is the karasuyama area Center Morishita.

TodayCareer transition assistance offices sunlightSent from will be a nice event announcements.

If you are interested, please apply.
Alternatively, please contact our Centre.


Adjust! I joined!

Morishita karasuyama support center!

114 Saturday, the karasuyama Kumin Center at party meeting."Adjust"To have participated.

Participants will
Party for 12
Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institute graduate, parent, experts gathered total of 17 ~ 18 persons gathered!

"This became sick," "and the reasonable accommodation? "Peer activities to experience equality" goals don't work! 」
And about talked.

And also want"compulsory people hospitals, not dry.
Say I want social work ordered people who have handy from now on, the natural period is
It was.

Again, area independent Council support for parties more enters should be realized.

Next is 2/18 (Saturday) 13:00-
Karasuyama Kumin Center

Painting and art experience 2016

Painting and art experience 2016

The other day, the second partPainting and art experience 2016を、Showa shinkin karasuyama branchWas held at ~

The number of visitors to many residents.

Shared with or without failure in all good time.
This time last year than attend many of small children, was a lively atmosphere-

We now have great pictures and calligraphy.

Symposium / barrier-free concert

Event announcements!
2nd regional assistance network seminar / barrier-free concert
Karasuyama area disability counseling and Support Center performs a tie-up and karasuyama hospital, Showa University, events will be held over 2 days!

1Day second regional assistance network seminars & symposiums
"Theme" formal) "from the era of party sovereignty comes into view, and enhancement of community support"
-To establish the flow of living in communities with the cooperation of the medical, social welfare and health care, rights-

Date: 12/9/2016 (Friday)
Time: 18:30~20:00(18:00Registration starts)
Venue: Showa University karasuyama hospital rehabilitation center
Keynote speaker
Instructor: iwakami, Yoichi (identifying non-profit activities support for the President, Representative Director)
Coordinator: Kanagawa, Yosuke (community life support center
Support Center incus PSW)
Panelists: Toshihiko Suzuki (Professor, College of Izumi, Setagaya-Ku, Chairman, independent support)
: Hasegawa Chikusa (Showa University karasuyama hospital mental health and Welfare Office)

2Day second barrier-free concert
< With personality (art) from the free-spirited representation >
One early Christmas barrier free concert. heart of music.

Date: 12/10/2016 (Saturday)
Time:12:30-16:00(12:00Registration starts)
Venue: Showa University karasuyama hospital rehabilitation center

* If you would like to attend please reserve.?03-6909-1743
Barrier-free concert
Performer Artist
Visually impaired handbells (NPO Setagaya sight handicapped Association)
Karasuyama daycare band
Iwasaki Hana NAE
Matsui Sonoko With Smirhythm Friends
(Join the friends of Williams syndrome support NPO Corporation ismailism)
Guest: Music Mail (cameo)
Takada Island, Kaoru (Kaoru たかしまだ)
Create a Xmas number stirring Music Mail Unit Takada Island Kaoru actress former Theatre seasons sing jazz, Latin, musical concert on the day, with everybody together for a fun Xmas concert!
 Application for         
Advance registration has become
For inquiries:
Karasuyama area handicapped consultation Center
Due to venue space is limited, so when applying to consult people in wheelchairs.